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2002 Established as started by medical chest service. We are the first company that certified by flag state (Thai Marine Department) authorized to Medical Chest Inspection & Certification provides cruise ships, oil rigs, super yachts, merchant vessels, tankers, and freighters. We are specialize professional,reliable medical services for healthcare facilities and vessels of all size and all types. Today we are one of the largest suppliers to the maritime industry, carrying inventories of every healthcare product required on board your seagoing vessel.
2003 Officially registered “Barter Universal Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. And started ship provision supply
2004 Started production of House Brand products. “SOLAS First Aid Kit” and settled for training center (BIMS) at Bangkok
2009 As the business grew, it moved to a new location (current address)At present, we have more than 50 domestic and foreign clients. Our items and services are continuously improved and managed.Over our 10 year history, we have established good working practiceswith many foreign governments and their customs authorities.


– International Labour Organization
– Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006
– World Health Organization
– International Maritime Organization
– SHIPSERV TradeNet ID : 76919
– Lloyd’s Register [TA / TYPE APPROVED]
– Marine Department
– International Shipsuppliers & services Association


1.Services to meet requirements.
2.All of our services will be added a value by service mind.
3.Ensuring that our services are outstanding quality and value for spent.
4.To maintain quality services consistently.

Main Services of Barter Group

Store and Spare Supply

We are offer a compressive range of marine supplies with competitive price. Our team ensure timely and work around the clock services. Deck Engine Lashing & Dunnage material and Navigation Equipment.
Ship store & spare
– Provision & Bonded Store; fresh fruit & vegetable, fresh dairy products, dried products, canned,grocery, frozen foods, grains, sugars, spices product
– Deck & Engine Store; Consumable store and Lashing Equipment, valve, pilot ladder, wire rope, cleaning materials & chemical, distilled water, Batteries, publications and admiralty Notices to Mariners, Concertina barbed wire, Pilot Ladder etc.
– Cabin & Pantry Store; Laundry Supplies & Equipment, Galley & Pantry Stored
Onshore Factory Supply

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Marine Medical Services
Regulation & Requirement
- MPA (and COI)
- 3rd IMGS
- IMDG Code
- Offshore Medicine
Products and Services
-Inspection & Certification
-Medical Supplies (checklists)
-D&A laboratory test (lists)
-Disposal Medicine; process have
been done with accredited company
-Med & More Drug Store;
-Others; accommodation hygiene service,
mosquito eradication
-House Brand Product
- First Aid Kit;
- Workplace safety and health (first-aid)regulation 2006
- Scale G First Aid Kits (AMSA 754, Australian
Maritime Safety Authority, September 2014)

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